Why this section exists on our website

First, parenting is a hard job, maybe the most difficult thing a person can do.

It takes courage, discipline and a whole lot of energy. Its often said that kids don’t come with a user’s manual. Sometimes if would be nice to just have a place to go to get good parenting tools without having to sort through a google search. So we want to provide parents with some helpful tools.

Secondly, we’d like to provide you with as many answers to FAQs about our student ministry as possible.

Often parents wonder what we do and why we do it. The more we are on the same page, the better we can work together and the more we can work together, the greater the impact will be on student’s lives.


ACCOUNTABILITY. X3Watch is a great tool to help students with internet temptations. We can’t emphasize how critical this is. Imagine being 13 or 14 and having access to porn 24/7 with no accountability. That is exactly what they have with iPods and Data Phones. Check out what downloads they available to protect kids. Some downloads are free, others are just $1.

MEDIA. – a good site to review media.  We don’t always agree with their views, but they do give you a very good idea what is in the media you’re discerning.

CONNECTING. If your student has facebook, sign up for your own at And then become their friend.

YOUTH CULTURE “Center for Parent/Youth Understanding” where you can regularly read articles about student culture. This is a great site with quite a bit of good content.

PARENTING. Real practical advice for parents on a variety of circumstances they will face.


Put simply, what causes spiritual growth is healthy relationships. It’s people who care about us that help us grow. So we design and structure our ministries to encourage mentoring relationships between volunteer leaders and students.  So we pour our resources into what works.

The Theology of it: Our God is a relational God. From the beginning He is in relationship with Himself (the Trinity) and He desires a relationship with mankind. We see this in Jesus during his time on Earth. He spent most of his time investing in a group of people that he shared day to day life with.

What Experts think: Jim Burns a nationally recognized Student Ministry leader put it this way several years ago “In the past good youth ministry was often seen as program-oriented – rallies, events and other elaborate, orchestrated gatherings.  However, now we realize that long-term influence with lasting results comes from significant relationships and role models”


We have three methods to screen our volunteer leaders and make sure they are right for our student ministry.

  • Application process which involves both a written form and face to face meetings
  • FBI fingerprinting checks are completed on all our leaders
  • We make sure they are growing and healthy by investing in them through regular team meetings

Let us know if you have any concerns or want to chat through any of this with our team!