Jesus has us on a mission with him every minute of every day. That mission is to be like him by connecting with our Father in heaven, having healthy relationships and loving and serving people around us.  It means that our life – who we are, how we live, the way we love those around us – is the mission.

Questions about Student Ministries at RiverTree Jackson?


Grades 5-8

Investing in the next generation matters. We believe the future is now and we believe relationships change lives.

Middle School Student Ministry at RiverTree Jackson serves students through Sundays in FUSE, Wednesdays in NRG, and excellent events and trips.

Our hope is that every student develops relationships with friends and leaders that helps them figure out Jesus, life, and all the hard stuff in between.

QUESTIONS? Email Beth Kinkaid / 330.268.0743


Grades 9-12

Our mission in High School Student Ministry is to help students learn to live their life as their mission and to grow in their relationships with Jesus, each other, leaders, and their community.

We gather together on Mondays for SENT, worship together in the student section on Sundays, and participate in events and trips that take faith to whole new levels of awesomeness.

QUESTIONS? Email Brandon Dulaney/ 330.904.6694


Adult and high school leaders are a BIG part of our leadership teams for NRG, FUSE and SENT. This opportunity is for you if you enjoy serving and if you desire to see Jesus use you to impact others.


Student Leaders are high school students willing to learn to lead others by serving.  You’re invested in and in turn investing in others as part of our leadership teams for NRG and FUSE. APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED.

Follow these 5 steps to complete your student leadership application process:
1. Complete the Online application.
2.Print and sign (both the student and the parent) the Student Leadership Guideline Form and turn in the $20.
3. Record all huddle dates, leadership trainings, boot camp dates, parent meeting and trip dates for the 2019-2020 school year in your calendar.
4. Adults – Choose a Parent Meeting and attend. (2 dates offered)
5. Students – Choose a Bootcamp to attend (2 dates offered)

Adult Leaders Application

We are always looking for adult leaders!

It’s not nearly as scary as it sounds. It just means you’re willing to help middle and high school students learn more about who Jesus is, who they are in Him and model the way through discipleship relationships.


  • Commit to attending our team huddles
  • Fill out this application form


Thank you in advance for your commitment to placing spiritual development as one of the highest priorities in your student’s life.  It’s difficult to do, but we want you to know that it is absolutely worth it!  Our staff is very excited about the direction of RiverTree and how our student ministry gets to be a part of that.

If you ever want to have a cup of coffee with any of our staff, email us. We would love to have the chance to talk with you, get to know you, and figure out how to partner together. Our prayer is that we can work as a team to point students in the direction of the Cross.