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  • For Students

    I attest that the information in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge and that I have completely read the Student Leadership information.

    I am available. I have time to be invested in and invest in others.

    I am willing to serve, realizing that I will be asked to do all sorts of tasks. I have an open heart to grown in my walk with Jesus.

    I desire to see God use me to impact others.

    I have read everything through with my parents and discussed the important Team Huddle dates.

    I can't wait to get started!

  • For Parents

    I have completely read the Student Leader information with my son/daughter. I give permission for them to participate as a Student Leader. I have reviewed the Team Huddle Dates and will make sure they are and available and attend them. I will pray for my son/daughter as they learn to listen to Jesus and lead like Him.