2018 Summer Baptism Stories

2018 Summer Baptism Stories

“…I always trusted Jesus. But on October 29, 2017, I was feeling led to do something. Someone told me their baptism was next week, and God just laid it on my heart that I was meant to do that too. I really just wanted to surrender to God and give Him my life, give Him the pen to write my story.”

-Julie, 18


“I have always had a close relationship with God but have not always put the full trust in Him that I do now. Life circumstances left me with no doubt in my heart that Jesus saved me from my sins. Last year was tough for my family. RiverTree Jackson Prayer Team prayed for me, which dramatically shifted my life and the direction it was going in. I became a true believer on the inside and out, which led me to baptism.”

-Sandra, 44


“5 years ago at VBS, I was saved. But I have recently been walking out my faith individually and asking Jesus how he wants me to live my life, which led to me choosing to be baptized. The Holy Spirit has been leading me in my life decisions.”

-Aiden, 10


“Since I was a little kid, I was a believer and my mom and dad helped me learn about God. I learned about baptism and prayed and talked about more with my mom and dad, then I felt ready. I got to have my dad baptize me, so I would feel more comfortable. I am looking forward to learning more about Jesus and growing closer to Him. It won’t be easy, but Jesus will always stay by my side.”

-Reese, 11


“My mom and dad have been telling me about Jesus since I was a baby. I liked what I was being taught and wanted to be apart of it, so I decided to follow Jesus in my own life. I am looking forward to the future — to have hope in the bad times and to grow closer to Him.”

-Taylor, 12

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