Power Cards 2022


Truly the best way to offset the cost of all of our amazing trips and experiences. Each card sells for $10 and is good for the entire year! The best part? You earn $9 for every $10 card you sell!


You can ask Beth or Sydney for details but all the information you need is below.

The perfect gift...

They make excellent gifts to bless others with — neighbors, family, friends, teachers, coaches, employees, mailman, barista, etc. The sky is the limit!

Supporting students...

You’re helping your son or daughter, or a student, have a life changing experience. The funds raised through these cards give students the opportunity to go away on a retreat, a missions trip, or participate in a summer camp!

Making disciples...

It is through these experiences that many students will come to know Jesus, grow in their faith and develop meaningful friendships and relationships with caring adults who want to see them develop fully into who God has created them to be!

So how can my student start selling Power Cards?

If you would like your son or daughter to sell Power Cards to earn money toward an upcoming trip, you can do this one of three ways:

Option #1:

Pre-buy the cards that you would want to sell.  

Ex: If you want to sell 20 cards, you pay $200 and your son or daughter will earn $180!

Option #2:

You can collect orders and payment and then email us to buy whatever cards you will need to fill the orders that you have collected. Download and print the order form below. The deals are listed on the back of the order form.

Option #3:

Write a check to cover the amount of the cards that you would like to try to sell. You’ll have 2 weeks to sell the cards. At the end of the 2 weeks, contact us to let us know to cash the check or turn in the money and any unsold cards and we give you your check back!

A few more details you need to know...

Funds earned from sold Power Cards will be placed in an account for your student and can be used to offset the cost of any summer camp, missions trip, or retreat! It cannot be used towards any weekly program events. These funds will remain in their account for use for the entire 2022 calendar year. Any unused funds after that year will be used towards scholarships for families needing financial assistance!

If you’d like your student to participate in selling Power Cards, please email us at jaxstudents@rivertreechristian.com to and let us know which option you are doing and how many cards you’d like! We’ll respond via email and let you know that the cards will be available for pickup at the Welcome Center. Be sure you have gotten our response before going to the Welcome Center! 

You cannot “purchase” cards directly from the Welcome Center or during the church-wide weekend services promotion January 23 if you would like your student to receive credit in their account. Email our team to request cards so they can be properly tracked. Individual cards purchased at the Welcome Center help fund the general scholarship account for families that need financial assistance.

Want your business featured on future cards?

We are always looking for other business partners on our cards. If you have a business or know someone that does and may be interested in being on our next card, please contact us at jaxstudents@rivertreechristian.com! Please be sure to thank the many vendors when you use your card and let them know how grateful you are that they’re giving back to the community by supporting students with these amazing opportunities!