What is a GoCommunity?

Join us on mission where God is calling you!

Distanced doesn’t have to mean disconnected. For such a time as this, community is more important than ever for continued connection and spiritual growth.

These groups live on mission in your neighborhoods and networks so you already have stuff in common…and that’s just the beginning!

A GoCommunity is a group of 20-50 people sent to live mission-shaped lives in an organized way for the sake of a particular neighborhood or network.

Our GoCommunities are all about intentional discipleship relationships. They not only gather together as an extended family but bless, eat and pray with those God is calling them to serve as a neighborhood-based group or a network-based group.


These groups serve specific neighborhoods and areas of the community where they are called to be on mission.

Amherst Neighborhood

We are just getting started and would love for you to join our GoCommunity connected to the neighborhoods and families of all ages in the Amherst Elementary school area. We’ll spend time gathering and learn how to serve our community as we grow closer to God.

Contact Rich & Nancy Jackson

Avondale Neighbor Helping Neighbor

This is an Avondale neighborhood GoCo in Plain Township who gathers to bring a greater sense of connection and community to the Avondale neighborhood so that truly all will feel connected. They meet for social gatherings and have plenty of opportunities to serve in and around the neighborhood together.

Contact Joe Kuzma

Minerva Mission

This group meets on Tuesday evenings at Minerva Elementary School,with the mindset of having a positive impact on children in the Minerva community. They focus on the needs of at-risk children and their families by providing support for existing groups and organizations with a vision to bring the message of Jesus to the Minerva community and to make a lasting impact on children and families.

Contact Jeff & Diane Evans

My Town Strasburg

This group welcomes all community members of Strasburg. Their passion and focus is about helping the people of Strasburg take care of one another well by developing relationships with each other and taking the advice of Jesus literally, to love thy neighbor as yourself.

Contact Tom, Pam & Jim Patton

Next Gen Family GoCo

A group on mission to take Jesus to the pools, courts, fields and stages of Jackson Township. Meeting on the second Sunday evening every month to be a community that encourages, equips and empowers families to be on mission and take Jesus out everywhere they go! Their vision is to multiply family GoCos all around Stark County.



These groups are on mission within the shared networks of relationships and service.


This group exists to strengthen community life and honor God by serving the marginalized with our time, talents and generosity. They are on mission to help local students develop life and leadership skills through intentional relationships and serving together.

Contact Peg & Mike Savage


A group of adults who are passionate about serving the children at the residential center of Christian Children’s Home of Ohio. Meeting on the 1st Monday of each month for encouragement and planning and the 3rd Saturday of each month serving the children and staff at CCHO.

Contact Darryl Shinaberry

Celebrate Recovery

This group welcomes all adults in any stage of recovery from a hurt, habit, or hang-up as a Christ-centered community practicing the steps of recovery to overcome life’s difficulties. Regardless of any pain carried from the past, or current struggles, this group focuses on healing and meets every Friday from 7-9PM in the Unplugged Venue at RiverTree Jackson.

Contact Tracy Preston

Family Matters

This group believes that God cares deeply for families. All families. They are on mission to strengthen the families through community, discipleship and actively live on mission. Why? Because “family matters!”

Contact Angela Davidson


A group for young adults eager to grow closer to God and to build a community of friends helping one another navigate through life. Meeting together on Saturday evenings to share a meal, get coffee, have spiritual discussions, do service projects, or just spend time together.


Contact Andrew and Brittany Rohr

Indian River

This group’s focus is to go, as Jesus would, into Indian River’s Juvenile Corrections community and be a positive influence. They develop authentic, intentional relationships with Indian River’s community members and staff to show them the light of God and lead an example of His love.

Contact Mike and Chris Spurr

Jewelry For A Cause

A group of women who come together to serve women and young girls who are at risk in our community. Meeting on an evening every other month, where they have fun making earrings and bracelets to donate to community organizations to show the love of God and His care for them no matter what they’re going through.

Contact Kelly & Ralph Kroll

Moms: The Next Chapter

A group of moms whose children have transitioned into college or out of the family home. Meeting the 2nd and 4th Monday evening each month, they encourage each another during this “empty nest” transition and are a support system for other moms who are also experiencing this stage of life. This group serves and encourages college students to continue developing their relationship with Jesus, as well as introduce Him to those who don’t know Him.

Contact Heather Antram and Bonni Zepp

Mom Tribe

Motherhood can be challenging but it doesn’t have to be lonely. We are a tribe of moms providing friendship and support to one another. Our children range from 0-18. We meet at the Jackson YMCA where childcare is provided. We believe in serving others and leading by example.  We encourage moms to bring their children with them to serve others and our community.

Contact Amber Barrow

Roots and Wings 2024

This group is for young ladies who will graduate from high school in 2024 and their mothers. They are passionate about developing close-knit relationships and to develop personal relationships with God. Meeting twice a month always includes food and fun, followed by a topic discussion and scripture.  Find Roots & Wings on Facebook.

Contact Tiffany Steineck and Carrie Dolan

Young and Sleepless

This group welcomes families with young children and families who are expecting. Passionate about building solid foundations of discipling families on mission together within the community through lasting relationships on the journey to raise our children to know Jesus.

Contact Jennifer Ammond