Our God Dream

Our God Dream for the next seven years is to send a missionary to every street and a missional community to every neighborhood so that where our people reside, everything will live. This dream is shaped by the words, “where the river flows everything will live,” words God spoke to the prophet Ezekiel to describe what would happen when the Holy Spirit overflowed the temple in Jerusalem and gushed out into the world like a mighty river. In the same way, we dream of RiverTree Jackson being a people who are so filled with God’s Spirit that he overflows like a river into the streets of our neighborhoods and our cities, bringing new life to everything that is dead or dying throughout Jackson Township and its neighboring communities.

New life has been made available to all people through Jesus Christ, yet there are still people all around us—in our neighborhoods, our workplaces, and our social networks—who are stuck in the trap of spiritual darkness. We have all seen and experienced how this trap of spiritual darkness leads to a life marked by withering decay. In our area, this withering decay is most evident in mediocre marriages, dysfunctional families, disconnected communities, and frenzied, aimless living. To avoid the pain of these realities, many people turn to futile numbing tactics such as extreme busyness, substance abuse, or the endless pursuit of pleasure through ever-increasing consumption of possessions and entertainment. We believe God wants to bring new life into this darkness and decay by flooding our neighborhoods with his life-giving presence. We believe God wants to see marriages flourish, families, enjoying meaningful time together, neighborhoods filled with friendship, and lives filled with the salvation, hope, and meaning only Christ can bring.

Therefore, for the next seven years, RiverTree Jackson will join God in his mission to give every person in Jackson Township and beyond an opportunity to discover the fullness of the new life that is available through Jesus. We will bring light to the darkness by making our weekend gatherings a flaming center where thousands of people encounter the presence of God, are filled powerfully by his Spirit, and are sent out to be flames of fire that bring light into every area of darkness. To bring life to the decay, we will equip hundreds of individuals to imitate the life of Jesus and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in their lives. From these individuals, we will enlist God appointed missionaries to adopt every street and God-appointed leaders to plant missional communities in every neighborhood in Jackson Township and—as the Spirit leads—in any other place where our people reside. Together, these God-appointed individuals and communities will be like river trees that bring life wherever they are planted, providing food and healing to everyone around (Ezekiel 47, Revelation 22). They will be people who are so faithfully present in their places of belonging that everything around them will live.


We will enroll 1,000 people in our Livin’ the Dream Initiative, resulting in 50,000 acts of blessing, 50,000 meals shared, and 50,000 neighborhood prayer walks over the next 12 months.


Encounter the Spirit:

We will equip hundreds of people to regularly encounter the Holy Spirit by creating more space for responsiveness to the Spirit at our worship gatherings and by building a prayer team of 75 people that will equip others to hear the Spirit’s voice.

Equip for New Life:

We will help people experience new life through Jesus by equipping 500 people to establish intentional discipleship relationships (IDRs) that have a uniquely missional approach. We will specifically promote new life in the four areas of decay highlighted in the God Dream by providing key events and resources for each area.

Enlist for Saturation:

We will saturate our neighborhoods with new life in Jesus by sending 320 individuals to be missionaries to their streets and by launching 20 neighborhood GoCommunities in Jackson Township, as well as in other communities where God opens a door. We will create a leadership pipeline for these initiatives by training 150 apprentice leaders.

Embrace the Dream:

We will ensure every person and every ministry embraces the God Dream and can articulate their part within it by overhauling our connections processes, strategically restructuring or redirecting every ministry area to align to the Dream, and by building the Dream into all of our communications processes.

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