What is a GoCo?

  • A group between 20 and 50+ people
  • Centers on Jesus, helping people become and then grow as his disciples
  • Has a defined mission vision on reaching a particular neighborhood or network of relationships in community and often revolves around shared times of food and fun
  • Does not require that members be professing Christians to belong
  • Conducts worship, prayer and Scripture reading as core practices
  • Looks outwards through a mixture of service and witness
  • Gathers informally throughout the week, not just at formal meetings
  • Includes a high value on small groups for support, challenge and closeness in members’ life together

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God Moved Into The Neighborhood (John 1:1-14)
Do you share God’s passion for lost people?  We need to follow Jesus’ example of the incarnation, where we move from being ‘For’ or ‘With’ the lost, and instead become ‘One Of’ them.  What does it mean for us to incarnate the Kingdom into the networks and neighborhoods where God has placed us?

Influencing Every Nook And Cranny (Romans 16:1-16)
Go Communities are simply a way of meeting in our extended ‘oikos’, or households of faith, thereby enabling us to better inhabit and influence every nook and cranny of society.  Whilst we highly value Weekend Gatherings and Thrive Groups, we want to recapture the missional fruitfulness that being in localized groups of 20 to 50 brings us.

Who Do You Love? (Luke 10:1-11)
We think that evangelism is really hard, when actually Jesus taught us a strategy that is very relaxed, relational and fun!  Looking for your Person of Peace means seeing who welcomes you, receives you, serves you and you connect with them.  In other words, they like you and you like them!  Jesus says those are the relationships to invest in and to share the message of the Kingdom within.  Who are your People of Peace?  Who are you called to love in a special way?

The Price Of Growth (Acts 10:1-8, 23b-29)
For Cornelius to be reached, Peter had to lay down his fears, prejudices and preferences.  For us to extend the Kingdom of God requires us to recognize and lay down those fears, prejudices and preferences we have held onto.  This means that we have to make sacrifices as individuals and as a church – are you willing to do so?

Q &A On GoCommunities
The DNA of Jesus can be described as ‘Come Thrive Go’.  As RiverTree is a movement of people with the DNA of Jesus, we want to actively pursue all three dynamics.  Go Communities give us a flexible vehicle in order to help us Go and make disciples wherever God has placed us in the world.

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